What Does CRM Actually Cost?

What Does CRM Actually Cost?Trying to determine actual CRM cost for your business can be a daunting task. In a perfect world, every vendor would clearly list their prices with a per-user breakdown. This isn’t a perfect world, and not all vendors are completely forthcoming about their prices.

For someone who is trying to calculate CRM cost, this can be especially problematic. On top of that, the initial CRM cost can vary widely, depending on your region, optional features, additional equipment, and bulk discounts.

The only way to determine an exact price for many vendors is to speak with them directly, often at great length. For someone doing preliminary CRM research, who just wants to get a basic idea of CRM cost, that investment of time can be irritating.

To help get you started, we’ve collected a general pricing guide for many of the top CRM vendors. While not complete, this guide should provide some idea of what an initial CRM investment might be. The prices listed below are generally for the most full-featured packages offered, because buying CRM that is missing features out of the box usually defeats the purpose.

CRM subscription cost is only one of six levels of CRM expenses we’ve identified. If you are with a mid-sized business or an enterprise, you might be interested in reading about the other five levels.

CRM Vendor Pricing

Salesforce Subscription Costs

Salesforce provides a straightforward, per-user pricing scheme for all of their editions. The following is pricing for Sales Cloud. The minimum subscription term is one year.

EditionPer User Per Month Cost
Lightning Unlimited$300
Lightning Enterprise$150
Lightning Professional$75
Lightning Essentials (up to 5 users)$25

Lightning Essentials also comes with 3 months of G Suite by Google at no cost.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Costs

Dynamics 365 for Sales pricing is as follows:

EditionPer User Per Month Cost
Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional$65
Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise$95
Customer Engagement Plan$115
Microsoft Relationship Sales (Minimum of 10 users)From $135

Microsoft also offers the Dynamics 365 Plan for $210 per user per month.

A downloadable PDF explains licensing in detail.

Oracle CX Pricing

The following is pricing for the Oracle Sales Cloud. The Premium Edition was added most recently.

EditionPer User Per Month Cost

A full comparison among the editions can be found here.

Oracle has separate pricing for Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ Cloud and other components of the Oracle CX Cloud Suite.

SugarCRM Pricing

SugarCRM has three different paid options, all of which are clearly priced. SugarCRM promotes PurePrice™, which means “no hidden fees or forced upgrades”.

EditionPer User Per Month Cost
Sugar Ultimate$150
Sugar Enterprise$65
Sugar Professional$40
Hint (Customer Intelligence)$15

SugarCRM has a has a minimum subscription term of one year. Sugar also states a minimum of 10 users on their edition comparison PDF.

Zoho Pricing

Zoho is one of a handful of vendors that lists a free version on their website. Of course, in the world of CRM, nothing is truly free. Their paid versions are:

EditionPer User Per Month Cost

Zoho allows for “pay as you go” monthly subscriptions.

Zoho also offers bundles such as Zoho CRM Plus. This bundle includes 10 apps and costs $50 per user per month.


ProsperWorks is a G Suite compatible CRM system. While ProsperWorks allows for monthly payments, there’s a 20% discount for annual payment. This table shows annual pricing.

EditionPer User Per Month Cost (Paid Annually)


Apptivo also offers a free version (limited to three users) called Starter. Their versions, when paid annually are:

EditionPer User Per Month Cost
Enterprise“Contact Us”


SAP is somewhat ambiguous about their pricing for CRM. This may be because they don’t offer a stand-alone CRM system. When calculating CRM cost for SAP, remember that you’ll also have to pay for their ERP, along with any modules you need for additional functionality. SAP prices are arranged according to the level of access granted to each user. The three top tiers are:

  • Enterprise SCM: $199/user/month
  • Enterprise Standard: $149/user/month
  • Team User CRM Sales: $89/user/month

It’s also worth noting that SAP requires a minimum of 15 user subscriptions.


Infusionsoft has a base package for one user and 500 contacts that costs $70 per month. Each additional user is $29 per month. A slider allows visitors to calculate the price for a higher number of users.


GreenRope only has one edition of its small business CRM application. The one edition is inclusive of Sales Suite, Marketing Suite and Operations Suite. Because GreenRope has its roots in CoolerEmail, the product’s pricing is based on contacts rather than users. All pricing plans have unlimited users and unlimited emails.

  • Starter: $149/month
  • Prime: $199/month
  • Pro: $249/month
  • Premium: $299/month
  • Powerhouse: $349/month
  • Supreme: $449/month
  • Ultimate: $699/month
  • Custom: (for over 50,000 contacts)

NetSuite CRM+

Netsuite CRM+ is a SaaS solution. Netsuite doesn’t offer an on-premise solution, and they only offer one CRM package. There are no prices listed on the Netsuite website; however, various sources list their package and pricing as follows:

  • CRM+: $129/user/month


Nimble has a simple pricing structure:

  • $22/user/month
  • Nimble costs $25 when paid monthly.

Getting What You Pay For

It’s important to note that these prices are accurate as of this article’s publication date, and vendors may update products and pricing at any time. While the monthly per-user cost is an important consideration, there are many other factors that are part of the CRM selection process.

Many vendors don’t include initial startup costs, maintenance fees, and other hidden expenses into the per-user charge. The best way to know exactly how much your overall CRM cost will be is by contacting the vendors and requesting a quote.

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