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All too often, CRM and marketing automation systems are deployed in advance of proper forethought and planning. The result of a lack of preparation can be months and even years of expensive user licenses either sitting on a virtual shelf or being significantly under-utilized by the end users they’re assigned to.

A structured planning and selection process is the solution for moving efficiently from license purchase to implementation to adoption without having to endure a lot uncertainty about direction and product selection.


Are you unsure about which CRM or marketing automation system would be best for your organization?


Have you had challenges justifying the cost of sales and marketing technologies to management?


Have you been able to capture all the key, organization-wide CRM requirements?

A structured approach will also address common questions and concerns like these.


Follow a Proven 7 Step CRM Planning and Selection Process

Over the course of more than five years, we have developed and refined the details of a comprehensive CRM planning and selection process. We have also created an extensive library of digital assets to support each of the seven steps.

Our combined backgrounds in systems implementation and in management consulting give our customers a blend of field experience that provides high-value input and guidance.

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We do not perform technical implementations of CRM systems, so we are able to take a vendor agnostic approach. This means that you will not be steered in a specific vendor direction for reasons other than potential fit. The initial steps of the 7 step process focus on your business model, your people and your requirements — not on software.

Benefits to the 7 Step CRM Planning and Selection Process include:


Assembling right set of people and asking the right questions


Getting everyone to agree to the validity and priorities of gathered requirements


Ensuring that vendors demonstrate to your specific needs

The result will be that you’ll commit to the software platforms and related apps that best fit your business. And you won’t commit before you’re ready. You will also have defined a clear path to success.

While we work with you and your team throughout the 7 step process, we take on the lion’s share of the tasks so you can focus on running your business.

CRM Package Selection Process


What Customers Are Saying


Simpson Strong-Tie engaged CRM Switch to do a thorough analysis of our CRM needs and to help us pick a solution that best fits our company.

They skillfully managed the evaluation process and did an outstanding job. I would not hesitate to invest in CRM Switch’s services again for a similar process, as the results were outstanding and we uncovered some very valuable information that would have not been revealed had we done the project on our own.

Dave Lawson – Simpson Strong-Tie


CRM Switch was instrumental in helping us clearly identify and prioritize our requirements. With their guidance, we selected and implemented the best CRM for our business the first time. Our users and executive team are very happy with the end result.

Wil Meggers – Vice President, GreatAmerica Financial Services



Marketing Automation Strategy and Selection

CRM Campaigns vs. MA Campaigns

CRM and marketing automation systems are often implemented in rapid succession. However, these two technologies are very different in terms of what it takes to prepare for a successful implementation.

If your organization is just starting the transition from traditional marketing to inbound marketing, it’s important to be selective about which digital initiatives are tackled first. From a financial perspective, it’s critical to start developing an inbound marketing strategy before committing to a marketing automation vendor.

Our “strategy first” approach to marketing automation involves the following components:


Educating your team on the relevant capabilities of marketing automation platforms and tools


Brainstorming on initial digital marketing campaigns


Developing marketing automation campaign playbooks

CRM Switch’s marketing automation strategy services will ensure that your organization is ready to take the best advantage of marketing automation tools once the vendor contract is signed.

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What Type of Organizations Are Our Services Best Suited To?


‣ Small and Midsize Businesses

‣ Enterprises

‣ Nonprofits

‣ Higher Education

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Common Questions


What do your services cost?

The cost of our services depends upon a number of factors, including the number of interviewees, the number of systems, and the number vendors that will be short-listed.

Our services cost a fraction of what is ultimately spent on user licenses and implementation services. Our quotes total up to weeks and not months. We can get you a quote soon after a discovery call with at least one stakeholder present.

We have a unique business model. Will your approach work?

So far, we’ve found that our approach works consistently across many different types of businesses in many different industries.

Of course, we need to spend some time learning about your business. But we are always able to stay true to a proven process.

We’ve talked to other companies that offer your type of service, but they also represent certain product vendors. Do you?

No. We do not represent any vendors as that would bias our approach and recommendations. That’s another thing that sets us apart.

We’re often asked for recommendations for solid implementation companies, which we can provide. However, it’s completely up to you which implementors that you invite to participate.


Are your services on-site, or do you work remotely?

It’s best if we come on site for the initial set of interviews and for the workshop.

However, most of our services can be delivered remotely using tools such as GoToMeeting.

Can you help project manage our implementation?

Once our customers get to know us and we get to know their business, they’ll often ask if we can provide internal project management services.

The answer is yes, we can provide a team member who can act as your internal CRM project manager.

We are leaning heavily toward a specific vendor. Will your services still provide value?

Even if a certain vendor is a foregone conclusion, our process will prepare you for the greatest level of success with that vendor.

Part of our offering includes discussions and analysis are normally done after the subscription clock is already running. For tasks that are going to need to be done anyway, why not do them before committing to a license purchase?


CRM Switch’s CRM and marketing automation strategy & planning services will ensure that your organization is prepared to take the best advantage of both CRM and marketing automation platforms and tools.

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