The Importance of Aligning Web Development and SEO

The Importance of Aligning Web Development and SEO

Before SEO existed, having a great website was like having a really slick business card or brochure for your business: it was there to impress other people. When SEO came along, it didn’t matter if a website was well designed and user-friendly. If it had good content and a few strong links, it could rank at number one. Those days are long gone.

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Why You Should Be Using Sales Orders in CRM

CRM Sales OrdersFor many types of businesses, the creation of a CRM sales order is (or should be) the logical next step in the CRM process after an sales opportunity is marked “won”.

In this post we’ll look at the business benefits of using CRM sales orders. We’ll then look an example implementation of orders in CRM.

While the information in a CRM order can be used to generate a traditional confirmation document for a customer, this post will focus on the internal usage and value of orders.

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How is CRM Related to Online Marketing?

CRM & Online Marketing Like PB&JWhen you hear the words “peanut butter and”, there’s a very good chance your brain expects the next word to be “jelly”. That’s how it is right? Those two things always go together.

In the world of CRM, the closest equivalent we have is the pairing of CRM and marketing automation. And while that association makes sense on the surface, marketing automation isn’t possible without a strong online marketing program in place to begin with.

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Without A Killer Call To Action, Your Digital Marketing Is Doomed

Digital Marketing Needs a Call to ActionWhile running a successful digital marketing campaign is often a complex and challenging task, the basic premise of how it all works is actually quite simple. Businesses produce and publish content that is useful and valuable to their target audience, and in each piece of content there is an inducement to take further action. That inducement is called a ‘call to action’, or CTA.

If you’re not using a CTA on your business’s website, blog posts, newsletters, white papers, and other digital marketing materials, you’re likely missing out on a significant amount of new business.

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Three Fundamental Types of CRM Systems

The 3 Fundamental Types Of CRM SystemsWhen it comes to the CRM selection process, it can be easy to get caught up in all the sales hype, features fascination, and cost comparisons. Knowing that your business needs a CRM system is a huge first step. But before you send out a single RFP, or meet with your first prospective vendor, it’s important to also know what type of CRM system is right for your organization.

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When Buying a CRM System is The Wrong Choice

Boss Saying "No" to CRMOne of the unspoken assumptions our prospects have when they come to us to discuss help with CRM evaluation and selection is: whichever product is selected, it will be better than what’s currently in place. But recently, one of our consultants was asked an interesting question that we felt warranted further examination.

The question was, “Is one of the possible outcomes of your evaluation to not invest in a CRM system and leave things the way they are?”

It was a great question. Can a company be better off by continuing to rely on legacy systems, spreadsheets, and Post-it notes?

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CRM And Marketing Automation: What’s The Difference?

CRM And Marketing Automation: What's The Difference?If you’re confused about the difference between customer relationship management software (CRM), and marketing automation software, you’re not alone. While sales and marketing are two of the most fundamental aspects of any enterprise, the number of tools available to facilitate them has skyrocketed over the last several years.

Even though CRM and marketing automation are designed to make working with your company’s leads and customers easier, there are several key differences between the two systems that are important to understand in order to use each effectively.

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How To Crush Google’s New Performance Measurement Score With Your WordPress Site

WordPress Website Performance for GoogleGoogle recently released a beta page performance measuring tool which is built on top of Lighthouse. The tool scores website pages on four factors:

  1. Performance
  2. Accessibility
  3. Best Practices
  4. SEO

This post will focus on Performance, as this area often represents a page’s lowest relative score. We’ll also focus on WordPress.

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The 5 Step CRM Implementation Strategy

The 5 Step CRM Implementation StrategyMaintaining relationships with customers can be challenging. With or without a CRM system, some businesses will always be better at it than others. Maintaining good relationships is not something that happens automatically. It’s not something that can be fully automated.

What a CRM system will do, however, is make maintaining your relationships easier and more organized. To get to that part though, your business will need a rock-solid CRM implementation strategy. Success with CRM starts long before any users log in. Your entire organization (ideally) will need to be involved to ensure the system’s success.

The following five steps are here to illustrate, in broad strokes, each phase of the process that we walk our own clients through when doing a new CRM implementation.

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What is CRM artificial intelligence and what can it do for my business?

Updated: September 20, 2018

CRM Artificial IntelligenceIt was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence was embedded in CRM. Next year we’ll probably see self-aware water coolers. Skynet can’t be much further behind, right?

Okay, maybe that’s a bit far-fetched. But CRM with artificial intelligence is very much a real thing now, and the implications it has for your business are substantial. But before you start panicking about your CRM system displacing real people in sales and marketing, let’s take a moment to examine what AI is, what it can and can’t do, and how to work with it rather than around it.

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20 Business Blogging Mistakes That Can Reduce Lead Volume

Business Blogging MistakesWith more marketers focusing on blog content for attracting website visitors, it has become a greater challenge for a business blogger to stand out in an ever expanding sea of web content.

This, in turn, means it’s more important than ever for business bloggers to avoid the mistakes that result in less traffic and fewer conversions than would be otherwise possible.

While there are many forms of content marketing, blogging can be one of the most effective forms when done correctly.

Here are 20 common business blogging mistakes that can stop sales leads before they start.

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Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365: The Ultimate Objective Comparison

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Compared

Updated: December 11, 2018

This is a fact-based comparison of Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics™ 365.

For those who work for an organization that is moving toward a new CRM solution, the information below is a starting point.

While we have attempted as much as possible to keep this analysis a statement of facts, we expect that advocates for each solution will find areas that appear slanted in the direction of the other.

The analysis primarily focuses on out-of-the-box functionality. We have intentionally limited the number of references to third party products.

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CRM Requirements Example Document

CRM Requirements ExampleIt’s difficult to start a CRM requirements document from a blank slate.

While every business is different, the following set of example CRM requirements, which are based on a fictional kiosk manufacturer, provides a framework for the type of information that can be given to a would-be CRM implementation company.

This type of document can give CRM service providers a substantial amount of the information they need to more precisely estimate the scope of required CRM services. Many additional questions usually need to be posed before a services estimate is provided.

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CRM Cost Calculator

CRM Cost CalculatorUse this CRM cost calculator to estimate your organization’s total CRM investment over the number of years you specify.

The total cost of CRM is more than just the CRM subscription fees. We have taken multiple levels of expense into consideration.

The fields contain default values. You can input/select your own values.

If you do not plan to subscribe to any add-on products you can set that cost to 0 or blank.

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Is There Too Much Starch In Your B2B Digital Marketing?

Starchy B2B Digital MarketingLet’s face it – most B2B digital marketing is stiff and boring.

Maybe it’s a fear of crossing a perceived fine line between being entertaining and being unprofessional.

It could be because marketers think that something has to be laugh-out-loud funny in order for it to be humorous. After all, how can we compete with professional comedy?

Whatever the reasons, the tendency is for marketers to err on the side of being starchy.

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