5 Reasons to Define Your CRM Requirements First

CRM Requirements FirstIn the CRM purchasing process, a common sequence of events for CRM buyers is to first go through a round of vendor demos and to then decide on and commit to a specific CRM vendor. After the purchase of the CRM system, the next step is to go through the exercise of defining detailed CRM requirements. Finally, a CRM implementation is performed based on those defined requirements. (more…)

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Should You DIY Your CRM Requirements?

DIY CRM Requirements?You have wisely decided to gather and document your organization’s high-level CRM requirements in advance of engaging CRM vendors and sitting through demonstrations.

This process means interviewing stakeholders and representative end users, taking voluminous notes (involving a scribe is a good idea), and then consolidating all of this gathered information into a master requirements document and an associated slide presentation. Text, tables, images, and flowcharts typically all come into play. (more…)

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What Is Content Marketing, And Why Do I Need It?

Content Marketing is KingYou’ve probably heard these buzzwords a hundred times: outbound marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing. What do they really mean, though? And how do they affect your brand, in particular?

Well, when we talk about these concepts, it’s important to look at them through a marketing lens. So, let’s start with the definitions of each. (more…)

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How a Sales Leader Can Get a CRM System Up and Running FAST

Select CRM FastWhether you’re a long-time sales leader at your company or you’re brand new to your organization, you may not have the right tools in place for viewing the activities and selling cycle progress of your sales team.

However, the president or CEO wants you to regularly report to him or her about specific sales activity and performance metrics. To get the requested information, you spend a lot of time on one-on-one calls with salespeople: asking questions, collecting spreadsheets, and compiling the information. (more…)

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You Want Content Marketing? You Got It!

As our Digital Marketing practice has developed, we’ve had numerous clients ask us if we can help them with their Content Marketing. It’s common for everyone to be excited about creating a Campaign Playbook, but the reality of content creation sets in soon after. After all, it’s the ongoing work of putting words on the page that makes the engine go. Few mid-sized companies have the time or resources to both act as a subject matter expert and write compelling copy for blogs and social channels. To that end, we’ve added a new service line to CRM Switch’s resources that can do exactly that. (more…)

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How to Avoid a CRM Demo That Wastes Everyone’s Time

Sales guy demoing CRMBecause of the high cost of most CRM software, an important part of the evaluation and selection process is the CRM demo. If a vendor’s software doesn’t end up meeting your organization’s needs or is under-adopted, committing to the wrong vendor can turn out to be an expensive mistake.

The stage in your buying cycle at which you view a CRM demo is critical. Many companies schedule CRM demonstrations too soon. (more…)

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What is a CRM Scorecard (and do I need one)?

Thumbnail image of a CRM scorecard in a spreadsheetWhatever you call it–scorecard, report card, feature matrix–there are certainly lots of variations on the theme. The underlying idea is to provide a method of comparing, apples-to-apples, two or more software solutions.

For the purposes of this post, we will define a CRM scorecard as a catalog of important factors to be measured.

In terms of the evaluation of CRM solutions, my experience has proven that the only effective scorecard is a custom CRM scorecard. Why? Because your company’s workflows, business rules, and priorities are different than others. (more…)

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Five Ways to Save on CRM Subscription Costs

Save on CRM SubscriptionIn today’s subscription economy, there are a number of ways to save on the total cost of CRM software. Below are five of them. The same advice can apply to almost any type of enterprise subscription software.

1. Don’t commit to a CRM subscription before you’re ready

This may sound obvious, but don’t sign a contract before you’re ready. We’ve heard of several companies that got a great deal on CRM licenses by committing by a certain date — but the user licenses ended up sitting on a virtual shelf for over a year. (more…)

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What’s the Best CRM Software?

The Best CRM SoftwareAsking the question, “what’s the best CRM software?” is similar to asking the question, “what’s the best ERP software?”

With an increasing number of CRM choices, the answer depends on the size of your organization, your business model, your systems landscape, your budget and more.

People often turn to crowd review sites or traditional review sites to find the best CRM. Some traditional review sites are limited to only those vendors that are currently participating in a lead generation program — so the vendor landscape may not be complete. (more…)

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