Marketing Automation vs. Email Marketing

Email Marketing vs. Marketing AutomationIt’s difficult to find a B2B organization these days that doesn’t currently use one or more email marketing systems. On the other hand, a fairly small percentage of B2B organizations have a marketing automation (MA) system in place, even though MA is a rapidly growing segment. (more…)

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Bringing CRM and Marketing Automation Together

Bringing CRM and Marketing Automation TogetherMarketing automation and CRM are two different systems with the same underlying purpose. They’re both designed to increase sales by improving your ability to communicate with customers and potential customers. With this shared purpose in mind, it may surprise some people to find that these systems have historically been entirely separate. (more…)

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What is CRM Lead Enrichment?

CRM Lead EnrichmentThere has always been a tradeoff between how much information a website visitor is asked for when they fill in a form and the likelihood of the site visitor actually submitting the form or “converting” as marketers like to refer to the action.

In general, the fewer fields that a site visitor is asked to fill in, the higher the visitor-to-lead conversion rate. So, how can you ask visitors for less information on your landing pages and other places that your forms live — and then make up for more scant visitor-supplied data after the fact? For that matter, how can you enrich leads regardless of the source? (more…)

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Failure to Launch: Why Some CRM Deployments Fail

Failure To Launch: Why Some CRM Deployments FailFrom time to time, a CRM deployment fails to meet the goals of the company. When that happens, the project is abandoned and the time and money spent on it is lost.

The business may attempt another CRM deployment, or they may forego the many benefits of a CRM system. While this doesn’t happen often, it is frequent enough to merit attention. (more…)

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What is Predictive Lead Scoring for CRM?

Predictive Lead Scoring FunnelThe way in which CRM leads can be scored has come a long way.

Before marketing automation became popular, lead scoring in CRM was a calculation based on user-maintained values in various fields. For example, if a salesperson selected “Hot” from the Rating picklist field, this would increase the score for the lead. (more…)

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