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Overcoming Marketing Challenges & Getting To The Marketer’s Money Metric

Digital Marketing ChallengesSoftware Advice, an online reviews firm, recently surveyed 125 marketers to find out what kind of results they get from their campaigns.

The survey found that almost 70% of campaigns are web-based. This is not surprising. The three most popular types of campaigns are social media ads, internet ads and email blasts.

What is somewhat surprising is that inbound marketing and drip marketing were the two least popular campaigns. This may be in part due to the fact that both of these are thought to be more of a series of ongoing efforts than an identifiable campaign such as “July Email Blast”. (more…)

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Lead Enrichment for CRM: The Benefits of Big Data

CRM Lead EnrichmentThere has always been a tradeoff between how much information a website visitor is asked for when they fill in a form and the likelihood of the site visitor actually submitting the form or “converting” in marketing speak.

In general, the fewer fields that a site visitor is asked to fill in, the higher the visitor-to-lead conversion rate. So, how can you ask visitors for less information on your landing pages and other places that your forms live — and then make up for more scant visitor-supplied data after the fact? For that matter, how can you enrich leads regardless of the source? (more…)

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Toxic Backlinks: What Are They And Why Should Marketers Care?

Toxic BacklinksToxic backlinks are links from sites that can weaken your website’s SEO. Weaker SEO means fewer organic visitors. Fewer organic visitors can mean fewer leads for your sales team.

Toxic backlinks can happen organically, or they can be the result of previous less-than-white-hat backlinking efforts.

What Makes a Backlink Toxic?

There are many factors that can increase the toxicity of a backlink. Here are just a few. (more…)

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Data Driven Marketing: What B2B Digital Marketers Can Measure (With the Help of Salespeople)

Data Driven MarketingIn the days before digital marketing, it was difficult for marketers to correlate specific marketing efforts with specific revenue outcomes. Marketing was more of a “spray and pray” proposition than it is today.

In a data driven marketing world, there are a variety of tools available to marketers that can help them to understand the paths to revenue that are working best.

Ultimately, a data driven marketer should be able understand which of the flows through the marketing and sales funnel are resulting in the most revenue. (more…)

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What Is Content Marketing, And Why Do I Need It?

Content Marketing is KingYou’ve probably heard these buzzwords a hundred times: outbound marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing. What do they really mean, though? And how do they affect your brand, in particular?

Well, when we talk about these concepts, it’s important to look at them through a marketing lens. So, let’s start with the definitions of each. (more…)

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How to Prevent a Marketing Automation System From Becoming a $20k+ Per Year List Marketing System

Prevent an Expensive List Marketing SystemMarketing automation is a red-hot technology that holds great promise for many organizations.

But what Peter Dicken first wrote several decades ago in his book Global Shift continues to hold true today:

… technology in, and of, itself does not cause particular kinds of change. It is, essentially, an enabling or facilitating agent.

Yet marketing automation continues to be deployed at organizations at which there’s a general perception that this type of technology in and of itself will cause change and produce results. (more…)

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Marketing Automation Pricing: From Cheap to Expensive

Marketing Automation PricingWith many industry vendors, marketing automation cost spans a wide range. Of course, the cost of the software is only one component.

First, there’s an upfront investment in developing a marketing automation strategy. Second, many, but not all vendors have an additional mandatory fee for what is variously called onboarding, Kickstart or implementation. Third, once a marketing automation system is in place, there are ongoing costs to execute on the strategy.

This post will focus on the top 10 vendors according to G2 Crowd’s G2 Score as of the date of this blog post. (more…)

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Is Your Company Ready for Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation ReadinessMarketing automation continues to be the fastest growing CRM-related category, with a handful of prominent vendors leading the pack.

According to Uberflip, eleven times more B2B companies are using marketing automation today compared to 2011.

But are all these companies getting the ROI that they could be getting? (more…)

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HubSpot CRM vs. Standalone CRM

HubSpot CRM vs. Standalone CRMAs the company that has been mainly responsible for popularizing the inbound marketing category, HubSpot has eaten its own caviar in terms of generating a large blog and social media following from inbound marketing efforts.

Recently, HubSpot has been leveraging that following to draw attention to the newly released HubSpot CRM — so a lot of people are hearing about the application.

If you are a HubSpot customer or considering adopting HubSpot, should your sales team adopt HubSpot CRM, or should you consider a standalone CRM system? (more…)

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