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What is Predictive Lead Scoring for CRM?

Predictive Lead Scoring FunnelThe way in which CRM leads can be scored has come a long way.

Before marketing automation became popular, lead scoring in CRM was a calculation based on user-maintained values in various fields. For example, if a salesperson selected “Hot” from the Rating picklist field, this would increase the score for the lead. (more…)

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5 Marketing Features You Want in Your CRM System

5 Marketing Features You Want In Your CRM System

Many people recognize CRM as an essential tool for salespeople. However, CRM is increasingly being integrated across all departments within an enterprise. One of the key focuses of this increased integration is on marketing departments. Nearly every generation of CRM development now introduces expanded options for using CRM to improve and inform marketing efforts.


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Pardot vs. HubSpot – A Marketer’s Experience

HubSpot vs Pardot - A Marketer's Experience

Marketing automation software has rapidly become the “other half” of many businesses’ core enterprise customer relationship management solutions, complimenting and integrating with CRM.

Unlike the market for enterprise CRM, in which there is a wide range of opinion about the perceived value of various enterprise solutions, the market for enterprise marketing automation software has a group of close competitors that each offer high quality products and all of which are well regarded within the enterprise community. (more…)

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Enterprise CRM Apps for iPad Users

Enterprise CRM Apps for iPad UsersAs one of the most popular tablet computers on the market, the iPad is now nearly as common in a business setting as office chairs and coffee mugs.

Salespeople love the mobility an iPad offers, while managers and support personnel love having as many people as possible on the same device. Homogeneity makes everything from security to CRM easier to manage. (more…)

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10 Ways To Be Terrible At Sales

10 Ways To Be Terrible At SalesWhile CRM software is increasingly becoming a tool used by a wider variety of people in a business, it’s still most closely associated with being a tool for sales professionals. It provides good salespeople with the information and functionality they need to become great salespeople.

If there are problems with your sales methods, no software can make you an overnight success (more…)

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Are Your CRM “Lifecycle Records” Immortal?

Are Your CRM “Lifecycle Records” Immortal?In a CRM system, there are certain types of records that invariably go through some sort of status change. “Lifecycle records”, as we’ve coined them, are records that should eventually have some sort of disposition or resolution.

What happens if a disposition or resolution never occurs for lifecycle records? The records become immortal. They clog CRM views and reports with meaningless information. (more…)

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Will Your ERP System Integrate With CRM?

Will Your ERP System Integrate With CRM?Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are two products that go great together.

CRM simplifies and standardizes customer interactions, ensuring a steady flow of sales into the business. ERP streamlines business processes, cutting overhead and ensuring a steady flow of products and services to the consumer.

While either product can work well on its own, their true potential (more…)

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