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CRM and ERP: What’s The Difference?

ERP and CRM: What's The Difference?Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are two sides of the same profitability coin. ERP and CRM are similar in many ways, as they are both used to increase the overall profitability of a business.

These systems overlap in some areas, and can be completely integrated in others. However, as their core functionalities are completely different, it’s best for a business to first look at them as separate, stand-alone systems. When viewed separately, it’s easier to see how ERP and CRM each play a role in improving efficiency and increasing sales. (more…)

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Does Your Business Have A CRM Escape Plan?

CRM Escape Plan StrategyPlanning for and implementing a new CRM system is a time- and labor-intensive endeavor. During the planning phase, most businesses focus on making the deployment as smooth and error-free as possible. Legacy data is prepared for migration, presentations are given, and employee training is offered. All of these preparations focus on a successful implementation of the new CRM system. Planning for success is an important part of any CRM strategy—but it’s not the only important part. (more…)

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Are You a CRM History Pack Rat?

CRM History Pack RatWhen a company migrates from a legacy CRM system to a new system, it can be difficult for some users to let go of their old CRM history.

The same pack rat tendencies that compel some of us to keep tax returns from 1998 in our file cabinets also compel us to retain CRM history as long as possible. There’s that nagging “what if?” in the back of our minds. (more…)

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Marketing Automation Software Options

Marketing Automation Software

Email marketing, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, and closed loop reporting are all features of marketing automation software. For many businesses, a marketing automation package is becoming a necessary, strategic component for new customer acquisition. These systems allow companies to generate most (if not all) of their lead volume and to advance new leads through the sales process. (more…)

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Integrated CRM Email Marketing Options

Email marketing continues to be an important activity for most businesses. With email marketing, businesses can attract new customers and develop new business opportunities with existing customers. Here are some email marketing solutions that are either built into CRM systems, or are applications that are compatible with CRM.

For some great tips on how to be more effective at email marketing, check out these questions and answers from HubSpot’s recent webinar, The Science of Email Marketing.


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How Much Attention Do CRM Vendors Give to CRM?

CRM Vendor Commitment to CRMMany CRM vendors also publish non-CRM products. Should you be concerned to what degree a vendor focuses on CRM compared to other product lines, or is a vendor’s overall financial commitment to CRM a more important factor? Below is some general information as to how much relative revenue each vendor obtains from its CRM applications. (more…)

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