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Our Most Popular CRM Content of 2016

2016 CRM ContentCRM Switch is not a media company or a product review site. We are a CRM and marketing technology planning and strategy company. However, because of ongoing CRM content development efforts, we had over 200,000 visitors to our blog in 2016.

Several years ago, I took marketing thought leader David Meerman Scott’s “think like a publisher” advice to heart and started writing about CRM topics on this blog. (more…)

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Controlling The Marketing Technology Stack

Marketing Technology StackIt’s no longer enough for marketers to think only in terms of a marketing automation system — marketers should be thinking about an entire marketing technology stack.

In 2011, Mark Andreessen famously said, “software is eating the world”. If this is the case, software has been particularly hungry in the marketing technology world. (more…)

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Two Excellent Apps for Tracking Prospect & Customer Engagement

Prospect video engagementSalespeople and marketers are always looking for ways to not only better engage prospects and customers digitally but also to understand the effectiveness of that prospect and customer digital engagement.

There are two excellent applications for tracking and measuring prospect engagement with an organization’s digital assets. These are Wistia for videos and Attach for documents and slide presentations. (more…)

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Google Trends and CRM Vendors

Google Trends - CRMIn the previous post, we wrote about interest in marketing automation vendors, based on Google brand searches over the course of 2015.

Not surprisingly, we discovered that the search term “hubspot” registers as having the most interest among marketing automation vendor brands.

We decided to run a similar comparison for CRM vendor brands. Google Trends is limited to five comparison terms, so we picked a range of CRM brands that have come up often in conversation, including two variants of Microsoft’s CRM application. We also chose a five year period, ending in December 2015, to show more of a long term trend. (more…)

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Managing Extension Numbers in CRM

CRM Extension NumbersAs VoIP and CRM mobile apps become more prevalent, it’s becoming less common for CRM users to swivel to a physical desk phone and manually dial a phone number.

CRM users are more likely than ever to dial numbers directly from their desktop screen or from their mobile device. However, the traditional all-in-one CRM Phone field that can include an extension number can cause misdials in certain scenarios. (more…)

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Is Your Company Ready for Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation ReadinessMarketing automation continues to be the fastest growing CRM-related category, with a handful of prominent vendors leading the pack.

According to Uberflip, eleven times more B2B companies are using marketing automation today compared to 2011.

But are all these companies getting the ROI that they could be getting? (more…)

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What is CPQ for CRM?

CPQ for CRMRecently, there has been a great deal of buzz in the CRM world about CPQ. What is CPQ and what’s the reason for its seemingly sudden popularity?

CPQ is an acronym for “Configure Price Quote”. A CPQ solution can reduce or eliminate a lot of the inefficiencies around the product and/or service quotation process and help to shorten sales cycles. CPQ can make sure that the right combination of products is always quoted and the system can even suggest what complementary products should be included as options within a quote. (more…)

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What Does CRM to CMS Integration Really Mean?

CMS CRM Integration MeaningAlmost eclipsing requests among CRM buyers for CRM to ERP integration is interest in CRM to CMS (Content Management System) integration.

As with the former, the latter can mean a lot of different things. It’s important for CRM buyers to define what the business needs are behind a desired technological connection between CRM and CMS — and develop definition beyond listing “Website Integration” as a bullet point on a CRM feature requirements list. (more…)

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CRM Marketing Campaigns vs. Marketing Automation Campaigns

CRM Marketing Campaigns vs. MA System CampaignsAs the sales force automation and marketing automation worlds continue to converge, one of the issues that has arisen is a level confusion resulting from the fact that salespeople and marketers have traditionally used the same words to describe different things. (more…)

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