6 Levels of CRM Expenses

Six Levels of CRM ExpensesThe cost of a CRM subscription is not the only component of CRM expense. In fact, depending on the size of an organization and/or the complexity of requirements, there can be at least six different levels of CRM expenses.

Below is a chart and an associated table of CRM related expenses over a three year period for a hypothetical company with 50 CRM users. The chart and table are embedded from this spreadsheet. Feel free to save this as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or to make a copy in Google Sheets. From there, you can plug in your own user count and assumed per user costs.

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What Do CRM Professional Services Cost?

CRM Professional Services CostCRM user license costs are only part of the initial cost of a CRM system. Another cost is CRM professional services.

Some companies make the decision to self-implement their CRM system. This is usually because there are people in-house who provide a combination of CRM-related business analysis experience and the right level of technical aptitude to manage tasks ranging from system configuration to data migration.

Many companies look to third parties to perform some or all of their CRM implementation. Unlike the cost of CRM user licenses, the cost of CRM services is not based on straightforward unit pricing.

In fact, there is a very large range in what organizations pay for CRM professional services. Some companies use CRM with only some minor changes to the systems’ out of the box configuration. Other companies consolidate functionality from multiple legacy database systems into their CRM system and develop custom integrations. These companies can end up spending well into five figures over the course of time.

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Five Ways to Save on CRM Subscription Costs

Save on CRM SubscriptionIn today’s subscription economy, there are a number of ways to save on the total cost of CRM software. Below are five of them. The same advice can apply to almost any type of enterprise subscription software.

1. Don’t commit to a CRM subscription before you’re ready

This may sound obvious, but don’t sign a contract before you’re ready. We’ve heard of several companies that got a great deal on CRM licenses by committing by a certain date — but the user licenses ended up sitting on a virtual shelf for over a year.

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What Does CRM Actually Cost?

What Does CRM Actually Cost?Updated: January 5, 2019

Trying to determine actual CRM cost for your business can be a daunting task. In a perfect world, every vendor would clearly list their prices with a per-user breakdown. This isn’t a perfect world, and not all vendors are completely forthcoming about their prices.

For someone who is trying to calculate CRM cost, this can be especially problematic. On top of that, the initial CRM cost can vary widely, depending on your region, optional features, additional equipment, and bulk discounts.

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7 CRM Solutions You May Never Have Heard Of

7 CRM Solutions You May Never Have Heard OfThere’s little question that most, if not all, businesses and organizations could benefit from some type of CRM system. There are so many benefits to CRM that the question is no longer “do I need CRM,” but “which CRM is right for me?”

For obvious reasons, we spend a lot of time covering enterprise CRM vendors–but what if you don’t want or need enterprise-class CRM?

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Why Free CRM Isn’t Really

Why Free CRM Isn't ReallyIf you’re thinking about buying CRM, you may have run across a few vendors that offer versions of their products for free. Lots of companies buying CRM are tempted by the offer of a “free” system to manage their marketing and sales information. Just imagine being able to manage your contacts, catalog customer data, and track campaign goals—all without paying a dime. Sound too good to be true?

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