Build CRM Project Momentum

Get a stalled process running again

You need a new CRM system, but are having trouble getting all your organization’s stakeholders on the same page.

That’s where CRM Switch comes in. We help you plan for and find the best-fit technologies for your organization in less time. Follow a field-proven strategic methodology.

A CRM Strategy Consultant Talks About CRM Selection

Because CRM Switch does not sell CRM software, we do not have vendor bias. We will guide you and your team through our proven 7-Step Selection Process so that you can make the best, long-term decision for your organization.

How we save our customers time & money

  • Objective Guidance: Add a vendor-neutral perspective
  • Reduced Risk: Avoid the high costs of making the wrong decision
  • Resumed Momentum: Get a stalled process moving forward again
  • Greater Consensus: Reconcile disparate interests and opinions
  • Documented Processes: Ensure that vendors demonstrate to your specific needs
  • Predictable Costs: Determine budgetary requirements before buying
  • Implementation Readiness: Get a head start on your ultimate CRM deployment

An ounce of prevention

The multi-year overall spend on a CRM system can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. For many companies, a structured CRM selection and planning process is an “ounce of prevention.”