ACT! to Salesforce Data Conversion Services

Our professionals will convert your ACT! to Salesforce. There can be many complexities with data migration, and we can help you avoid the common pitfalls of data migration. Our data conversion experts will help with a much more efficient migration process.

Here’s a list of things to consider when migrating from ACT! to Salesforce.

When migrating data from ACT! to Salesforce, it’s important to set up the correct Account/Contact relationships. How these relationships are created depends upon how extensively (if at all) Company records are used in ACT!.  Also, since the ACT! History table does not align precisely with the Salesforce Activity object, we provide best practices for migrating history.

Moving from ACT! to Salesforce is also an opportunity to normalize flat data and take advantage of’s multi-object database structure. Normalized data is easier to maintain and easier to report on.

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We support a wide variety of ACT! versions, ranging from ACT! 6 to ACT! 17.

Customization of Salesforce for Companies Moving from ACT! to Salesforce

Migrating an ACT! database to Salesforce almost always involves associated customizations to Salesforce. Our certified Salesforce consultants and developers are also available to ensure that Salesforce is customized to meet your business processes needs. If your company needs data moved from ACT! to Salesforce, please call us at 800-799-4539 or fill in the form on the right.

Please note that CRM Switch has a minimum services engagement of three days at $1,600 per day.