CRM for Higher Education

CRM for Higher EducationAs cloud-based platforms for delivering both standard and custom solutions, contemporary CRM and marketing automation systems offer a wide number of possibilities within higher ed.

The Issues Facing Your Higher Ed Institution

Many colleges and universities are using outdated systems within many key functional areas, including: admissions; student call centers, retention, advancement, collaboration, corporate relations.

While legacy systems may have served their purpose for years, vendors of these system have not kept up with the rapidly changing landscape. The last decade has seen cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce supplant long-standing client/server systems — systems that have become increasingly difficult to access, maintain and upgrade.

With current generation CRM systems, legacy point solutions that are an operational risk can be replaced with more flexible cloud-based technology. Because no hardware or software needs to be provisioned, replacement can occur very quickly compared to past system deployments.

Special Programs Within Colleges and Universities

Special programs within colleges and universities can also leverage a CRM system such as Salesforce or MS CRM for the program’s needs. If the program’s staff has been using a legacy system such as ACT! or Access, there are many advantages that cloud-based CRM solutions can provide over these types of systems.