CRM for Utilities

CRM for Gas & Electric UtilitiesIn an increasingly competitive market, utility companies need to give their salespeople the tools they need to effectively manage and grow their existing accounts – and acquire new accounts.

The Issues Facing Your Utility

You have teams of salespeople who are responsible for nurturing and growing major accounts for electricity and gas. However, key information about prospects, customers, contracts and meters is stored in legacy systems and is not well structured.

It is important for major account representatives to have as much information as possible at their fingertips, on whichever device they happen to be using. Management, in turn, needs up-to-date call reports in order to understand both issues and opportunities with key accounts.

Legacy contact managers allow for profiling people and managing interpersonal communication, but they do not as easily allow for profiling accounts.

Revenue needs to be forecasted out for multiple years, so standard, “event-based” opportunity management does not provide the throughput forecast numbers that management needs.

Logging and resolving customer issues is often done in a completely separate system. This means that salespeople do not have real-time visibility to important customer issues.

Using CRM to Provide a 360° View of Your Utility Customers

CRM Systems provide both built-in functionality and design capabilities to allow salespeople to manage and grow their gas and electric accounts. Salespeople can see detailed information about their accounts, such as main products used and relevant company news.

Salespeople can also see details about contracts, such as the type of contract, start and end dates, and any special terms. Multiple meters can be linked to each contract so that details of the equipment are easily visible. Salespeople can log their call notes from any device. They can log service requests or billing issue on behalf of their customer from their phone, tablet or notebook computer.

Selecting the Right CRM System

The traditional approaches of parading in vendors for demos or sending out RFPs are not the most effective ways to make the right long term CRM decision. A structured process will result in greater long term success.