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Bonus Episode #1: Jon Ferrara of Nimble. Published on July 11, 2017:

Bonus Episode #2: Brandon Bruce of Cirrus Insight. Published on July 13, 2017:

Most Recent Regular Episode: Published on July 17, 2017:

Show topics: Sam gets sick and infects conference attendees plus his employees, Steve’s guest appearance on “Our Love Hate Relationship With Sales”, Infor CRM’s integration to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, the high price of standalone Navigator, the value of connecting CRM to multiple big data sources, Nimble’s capabilities, Infor CRM’s Marketo integration, what doesn’t sync from marketing automation to CRM, tracking sources from Lead to Order, Contour mapping, Coleman AI, Infor’s vertical market strategy, integrating acquire companies’ products, the CRM beasts that will not die, companies moving back to ACT!, Google My Business for B2B companies, the sale of Endeavor Commerce to Vendavo, Zoho’s new Zoho Sign digital signature app, Zoho’s alternative to QuickBooks.

Episode Topics: Cleveland is not Detroit, prospect reactions to vendor canned responses and preset dialogs, All Turtles for natural language AI, Cirrus Insight’s coming Flight Plans, Paul Greenberg’s article on trust, trust metrics, establishing trust on your website,recording video testimonials on the cheap, Camtasia video editing for marketers, establishing credibility and website authority with HARO, the coming Starfish automated data migration tool.

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Every month, Steve Chipman of CRM Switch and Sam Biardo of Technology Advisors and StarfishETL discuss the latest in CRM and CRM related news and technology. We try to keep it light while maintaining a semblance of professionalism.

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