What is CPQ for CRM?

CPQ for CRMRecently, there has been a great deal of buzz in the CRM world about CPQ. What is CPQ and what’s the reason for its seemingly sudden popularity?

CPQ is an acronym for “Configure Price Quote”. A CPQ solution can reduce or eliminate a lot of the inefficiencies around the product and/or service quotation process and help to shorten sales cycles. CPQ can make sure that the right combination of products is always quoted and the system can even suggest what complementary products should be included as options within a quote. (more…)

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Single-Tenant vs. Multi-Tenant CRM

Multi-Tenant vs. Single Tenant CRMWhat’s the difference between single-tenant and multi-tenant CRM? Why should this difference matter to you as a CRM buyer?

The difference between these two CRM architectures is tightly tied to an ongoing debate over the definition of cloud computing. Some people are passionate about single-tenant CRM, while others think that anything but multi-tenant CRM is 1990’s computing. (more…)

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Cloud Accounting Adoption vs. Cloud CRM Adoption

In the early days of cloud CRM, beyond the innovators and early adopters, there was more than than a reluctance to consider the cloud — there was an outright distrust of the cloud.

If we put all our valuable CRM data in the cloud, what happens if the service goes down? What if we get hacked and our data is stolen? What will happen if the cloud CRM vendor goes out of business? (more…)

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HubSpot CRM vs. Standalone CRM

HubSpot CRM vs. Standalone CRMAs the company that has been mainly responsible for popularizing the inbound marketing category, HubSpot has eaten its own caviar in terms of generating a large blog and social media following from inbound marketing efforts.

Recently, HubSpot has been leveraging that following to draw attention to the newly released HubSpot CRM — so a lot of people are hearing about the application.

If you are a HubSpot customer or considering adopting HubSpot, should your sales team adopt HubSpot CRM, or should you consider a standalone CRM system? (more…)

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Should Audio Be a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Audio Marketing ContentIn terms of content marketing channels, lagging far behind blogging, video marketing and social media marketing is audio marketing.

Should marketers consider adding audio to their marketing mix? For many types of organizations, the answer is “yes”.

While there are a number of caveats associated with this customer and prospect communication channel and while it’s early in the game on several levels, there are a number of reasons to at minimum test the use of audio content for marketing purposes. (more…)

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What Does CRM to CMS Integration Really Mean?

CMS CRM Integration MeaningAlmost eclipsing requests among CRM buyers for CRM to ERP integration is interest in CRM to CMS (Content Management System) integration.

As with the former, the latter can mean a lot of different things. It’s important for CRM buyers to define what the business needs are behind a desired technological connection between CRM and CMS — and develop definition beyond listing “Website Integration” as a bullet point on a CRM feature requirements list. (more…)

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