What’s the Best CRM Software?

The Best CRM SoftwareAsking the question, “what’s the best CRM software?” is similar to asking the question, “what’s the best ERP software?”

With an increasing number of CRM choices, the answer depends on the size of your organization, your business model, your systems landscape, your budget and more.

People often turn to crowd review sites or traditional review sites to find the best CRM. Some traditional review sites are limited to only those vendors that are currently participating in a lead generation program — so the vendor landscape may not be complete. (more…)

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CRM Strategy vs. CRM Tactics: 5 Examples

CRM Strategy vs. CRM TacticsFor each business requirement that a CRM system can be configured or customized to address, there’s often a decision as to whether the requirement should be delivered tactically or as part of a broader CRM strategy.

In our opinion, a CRM strategy should be developed before a CRM subscription even begins. Once the subscription has started, there should be an ongoing commitment to a strategic approach to decisions as to what functionality to deliver to users. (more…)

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How to Prevent a Marketing Automation System From Becoming a $20k+ Per Year List Marketing System

Prevent an Expensive List Marketing SystemMarketing automation is a red-hot technology that holds great promise for many organizations.

But what Peter Dicken first wrote several decades ago in his book Global Shift continues to hold true today:

… technology in, and of, itself does not cause particular kinds of change. It is, essentially, an enabling or facilitating agent.

Yet marketing automation continues to be deployed at organizations at which there’s a general perception that this type of technology in and of itself will cause change and produce results. (more…)

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Marketing Automation Pricing: 10 Top Vendors

Marketing Automation PricingWith many industry vendors, marketing automation cost spans a wide range. Of course, the cost of the software is only one component.

First, there’s an upfront investment in developing a marketing automation strategy. Second, many, but not all vendors have an additional mandatory fee for what is variously called onboarding, Kickstart or implementation. Third, once a marketing automation system is in place, there are ongoing costs to execute on the strategy.

This post will focus on the top 10 vendors according to G2 Crowd’s G2 Score as of the date of this blog post. (more…)

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What Does CRM Actually Cost?

What Does CRM Actually Cost?Trying to determine actual CRM cost for your business can be a daunting task. In a perfect world, every vendor would clearly list their prices with a per-user breakdown. This isn’t a perfect world, and not all vendors are completely forthcoming about their prices.

For someone who is trying to calculate CRM cost, this can be especially problematic. On top of that, the initial CRM cost can vary widely, depending on your region, optional features, additional equipment, and bulk discounts. (more…)

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Marketing Automation Vendor Market Share

Marketing Automation Vendor Market ShareIs it possible to accurately measure marketing automation vendor market share using 100% publicly available information? Before I answer, let me provide a quick overview of tracking code.

All marketing automation vendors provide some form of tracking code. This code is added to a website, much the way Google Analytics tracking code is added to a website.

Tracking code is used to provide a variety of insights. A key insight is that marketers and salespeople can view detailed website activity for each converted visitor. A salesperson, for example, can base a conversation on what content a Lead viewed. (more…)

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Controlling The Marketing Technology Stack

Marketing Technology StackIt’s no longer enough for marketers to think only in terms of a marketing automation system — marketers should be thinking about an entire marketing technology stack.

In 2011, Mark Andreessen famously said, “software is eating the world”. If this is the case, software has been particularly hungry in the marketing technology world. (more…)

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The Hero’s Journey: A CRM Buyer’s Version

Hero's Journey: CRM Buyer's EditionMany iconic stories and movies, including Cinderella and Star Wars, closely follow Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, which was memorialized in Campbell’s book “The Hero With a Thousand Faces”.

The monomyth, or hero’s journey, was derived from observing the structure of many stories that were told over the course of human history. (more…)

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CRM Poll Results: What’s The Primary CRM System at Your Organization?

Since the beginning of 2016, we’ve been running a non-scientific CRM poll in which we ask the question, “What is the primary CRM system that’s in use at your organization?”.

We decided to name six CRM brands in the poll and then include an “Other” selection, which allows for typing in a free-form response. We also added “Spreadsheets” and “Homegrown” as named options.

What surprised us was that “Spreadsheets” is the third most common primary CRM system among respondents. (more…)

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Two Excellent Apps for Tracking Prospect & Customer Engagement

Prospect video engagementSalespeople and marketers are always looking for ways to not only better engage prospects and customers digitally but also to understand the effectiveness of that prospect and customer digital engagement.

There are two excellent applications for tracking and measuring prospect engagement with an organization’s digital assets. These are Wistia for videos and Attach for documents and slide presentations. (more…)

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