Sales and Marketing Synergy: How Can it Be Achieved?

Sales and Marketing SynergySales and marketing synergy is an often covered media topic and is often discussed within organizations.

Over the years, sales and marketing departments at many companies have been at odds with one another. In some organizations, the relationship between marketing and sales is downright contentious, with each complaining about the other behind the others’ back.

It’s a well-documented problem. In fact, many people have written about the need to break down “the wall” between sales and marketing. (more…)

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Technology Evaluation: Should It Be a Technological Exercise?

Technology Evaluation Hammer and NailERP, CRM, Martech, Intranet, LMS and eCommerce are some of the technology categories commonly associated with a formal technology evaluation process.

A thorough technology evaluation is often an in-house effort, but many companies contract with third parties for assistance with an evaluation.

Why do some companies bring in a third party? They may not have the inclination to do the requisite staff interviews. They may not have time to research the market for a short list of potential solutions. (more…)

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8 CRM Administration Best Practices

CRM AdministrationWith the prolific adoption of CRM systems over the last several years, there has been an ever-increasing need to find qualified people to take on CRM administration duties.

For larger organizations, “CRM Administrator” is often a full time job. For smaller companies, CRM administration can be one of many areas of responsibility for the person assigned to the role.

In either case, CRM administration can be a new set of responsibilities for many people. Here are eight best practices to consider for anyone who is new to the role. (more…)

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5 Reasons to Define Your CRM Requirements First

CRM Requirements FirstIn the CRM purchasing process, a common sequence of events for CRM buyers is to first go through a round of vendor demos and to then decide on and commit to a specific CRM vendor. After the purchase of the CRM system, the next step is to go through the exercise of defining detailed CRM requirements. Finally, a CRM implementation is performed based on those defined requirements. (more…)

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Should You DIY Your CRM Requirements?

DIY CRM Requirements?You have wisely decided to gather and document your organization’s high-level CRM requirements in advance of engaging CRM vendors and sitting through demonstrations.

This process means interviewing stakeholders and representative end users, taking voluminous notes (involving a scribe is a good idea), and then consolidating all of this gathered information into a master requirements document and an associated slide presentation. Text, tables, images, and flowcharts typically all come into play. (more…)

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What Is Content Marketing, And Why Do I Need It?

Content Marketing is KingYou’ve probably heard these buzzwords a hundred times: outbound marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing. What do they really mean, though? And how do they affect your brand, in particular?

Well, when we talk about these concepts, it’s important to look at them through a marketing lens. So, let’s start with the definitions of each. (more…)

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How a Sales Leader Can Get a CRM System Up and Running FAST

Select CRM FastWhether you’re a long-time sales leader at your company or you’re brand new to your organization, you may not have the right tools in place for viewing the activities and selling cycle progress of your sales team.

However, the president or CEO wants you to regularly report to him or her about specific sales activity and performance metrics. To get the requested information, you spend a lot of time on one-on-one calls with salespeople: asking questions, collecting spreadsheets, and compiling the information. (more…)

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12 GoldMine Data Migration Best Practices

GoldMine Data Migration ConsiderationsAs a mature product, GoldMine® is packed with features that many users have grown accustomed to over time.

Despite the fact that GoldMine has worked well for many years within their organization, people decide for a number of reasons to migrate their companies from GoldMine to CRM. One reason is to take advantage of cloud-to-cloud integrations such as with a marketing automation system. Another reason is to have a broader platform that allows for addressing a greater number of functional areas within an organization. (more…)

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