Without A Killer Call To Action, Your Digital Marketing Is Doomed

Digital Marketing Needs a Call to ActionWhile running a successful digital marketing campaign is often a complex and challenging task, the basic premise of how it all works is actually quite simple. Businesses produce and publish content that is useful and valuable to their target audience, and in each piece of content there is an inducement to take further action. That inducement is called a ‘call to action’, or CTA.

If you’re not using a CTA on your business’s website, blog posts, newsletters, white papers, and other digital marketing materials, you’re likely missing out on a significant amount of new business.

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Three Fundamental Types of CRM Systems

The 3 Fundamental Types Of CRM SystemsWhen it comes to the CRM selection process, it can be easy to get caught up in all the sales hype, features fascination, and cost comparisons. Knowing that your business needs a CRM system is a huge first step. But before you send out a single RFP, or meet with your first prospective vendor, it’s important to also know what type of CRM system is right for your organization.

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CRM And Marketing Automation: What’s The Difference?

CRM And Marketing Automation: What's The Difference?If you’re confused about the difference between customer relationship management software (CRM), and marketing automation software, you’re not alone. While sales and marketing are two of the most fundamental aspects of any enterprise, the number of tools available to facilitate them has skyrocketed over the last several years.

Even though CRM and marketing automation are designed to make working with your company’s leads and customers easier, there are several key differences between the two systems that are important to understand in order to use each effectively.

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The 5 Step CRM Implementation Strategy

The 5 Step CRM Implementation StrategyMaintaining relationships with customers can be challenging. With or without a CRM system, some businesses will always be better at it than others. Maintaining good relationships is not something that happens automatically. It’s not something that can be fully automated.

What a CRM system will do, however, is make maintaining your relationships easier and more organized. To get to that part though, your business will need a rock-solid CRM implementation strategy. Success with CRM starts long before any users log in. Your entire organization (ideally) will need to be involved to ensure the system’s success.

The following five steps are here to illustrate, in broad strokes, each phase of the process that we walk our own clients through when doing a new CRM implementation.

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CRM Selection For Your Business: Seven Proven Steps

CRM Selection StepsCRM selection has become more difficult over the last several years, as many vendors have upped their game. They playing field has become more level.

While healthy competition ultimately benefits all organizations, an abundance of choices make it more difficult for those tasked with selecting the right CRM solution for their company to achieve the optimal outcome.

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What is a CRM Scorecard (and do I need one)?

Thumbnail image of a CRM scorecard in a spreadsheetWhatever you call it–scorecard, report card, feature matrix–there are certainly lots of variations on the theme. The underlying idea is to provide a method of comparing, apples-to-apples, two or more software solutions.

For the purposes of this post, we will define a CRM scorecard as a catalog of important factors to be measured.

In terms of the evaluation of CRM solutions, my experience has proven that the only effective scorecard is a custom CRM scorecard. Why? Because your company’s workflows, business rules, and priorities are different than others.

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