Who Are The Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Partners?

As a company that delivers CRM selection services, we are often asked who the top implementation partners are for companies that decide to go with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

There are dozens of Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners to choose from. Over the years, we have worked with a number of them. We have also received recommendations from customers and from industry insiders about others.

We feel that each of the partners listed below has the experience and expertise to deliver solid results. With that said, it’s important for any prospective client looking for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation partner to do their own due diligence before making a final partner selection.

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Sales Engagement Software: What Is It And Do You Need It?

Sales Engagement SoftwareAny seasoned sales rep can tell you that prospects are fickle creatures. Without warning, they can lurch from laser-focused engagement in one moment, to absolute radio silence the next.

As if that weren’t difficult enough, re-engaging them often requires wading through a half-dozen different communication channels.

Assuming you can reconnect with a client or prospect—which is often easier said than done—keeping their attention focused on you is more complicated than ever.

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Sales Operations and CRM

Sales Operations and CRMThe history of sales operations is much longer than most people might expect.

Neil Rackham is often credited with creating the first sales operations group at Xerox in the 1970s. Since then, sales operations has grown to become an integral part of a successful sales team.

As more and more technology has been introduced into the sales process, sales operations is frequently tasked with managing, developing, and supporting the tools, data, and services sales teams need to get their jobs done. This is where sales operations and CRM frequently converge.

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The Importance of Aligning Web Development and SEO

The Importance of Aligning Web Development and SEO

Before SEO existed, having a great website was like having a really slick business card or brochure for your business: it was there to impress other people. When SEO came along, it didn’t matter if a website was well designed and user-friendly. If it had good content and a few strong links, it could rank at number one. Those days are long gone.

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How is CRM Related to Online Marketing?

CRM & Online Marketing Like PB&JWhen you hear the words “peanut butter and”, there’s a very good chance your brain expects the next word to be “jelly”. That’s how it is right? Those two things always go together.

In the world of CRM, the closest equivalent we have is the pairing of CRM and marketing automation. And while that association makes sense on the surface, marketing automation isn’t possible without a strong online marketing program in place to begin with.

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Enterprise CRM: What Is It And Does Your Business Need It?

Enterprise CRM: What Is It And Does Your Business Need It?The term “enterprise CRM” can be confusing for someone who has just started searching for CRM solutions for their business. With so many vendors offering so many editions, it’s easy to get confused when trying to decide if a business needs enterprise CRM.

To make matters even more confusing, some vendors offer enterprise CRM, but call it by a different name. This has led some people to believe that CRM and enterprise CRM are the same thing, just with a different volume of licenses. While they do share certain features, there are vast differences between enterprise CRM and standard CRM products. Understanding these differences should make it easier for a business to decide which solution best fits their needs.

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What Does CRM Actually Cost?

What Does CRM Actually Cost?Updated: January 5, 2019

Trying to determine actual CRM cost for your business can be a daunting task. In a perfect world, every vendor would clearly list their prices with a per-user breakdown. This isn’t a perfect world, and not all vendors are completely forthcoming about their prices.

For someone who is trying to calculate CRM cost, this can be especially problematic. On top of that, the initial CRM cost can vary widely, depending on your region, optional features, additional equipment, and bulk discounts.

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A Brief History Of GoldMine

A Brief History Of GoldMineSince the mid-1980s, CRM software has undergone an incredible evolutionary process. From a basic contact management platform, equivalent to a digital Rolodex, it has transformed into a robust system for managing all customer-facing business processes.

There have been a lot of ups and downs along the way, and many vendors failed to weather the changes. However, one of the earliest, perhaps even the first, true CRM vendors is still alive and kicking.

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Will Your ERP System Integrate With CRM?

Will Your ERP System Integrate With CRM?Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are two products that go great together.

CRM simplifies and standardizes customer interactions, ensuring a steady flow of sales into the business. ERP streamlines business processes, cutting overhead and ensuring a steady flow of products and services to the consumer.

While either product can work well on its own, their true potential

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Tale Of The Tape: Salesforce.com vs. Microsoft Firmographics

Tale Of The Tape: Salesforce.com vs. Microsoft FirmographicsIn the CRM arena, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are always two of the top contenders. Like two boxers in their prime, both companies are strong, skilled, and hungry for victory.

Both companies had a strong 2013, and are going into 2014 with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. This will likely translate into a host of improved products and services for CRM customers.

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CRM Solutions For Nonprofit Organizations

CRM Solutions For Nonprofit OrganizationsNonprofit organizations often have unique needs when it comes to implementing a CRM solution. While for-profit businesses are focused on engaging customers and convincing them to buy products or services, nonprofits have the task of trying to sell ideas. Whether it’s humanitarian, political, environmental, or anything in between, selling ideas is always a unique challenge

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