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CRM At The Point Of Sale

CRM At The Point Of SaleOften, CRM is discussed in the context of direct marketing, e-commerce, and B2B sales. In these situations, salespeople are generally at a desk or working from a mobile device with CRM data readily accessible. It’s natural to wonder how CRM can work for a retailer, when salespeople are working a sales floor and point of sale (POS) register. (more…)

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Using Google Apps for Work with Enterprise CRM

Using Google Apps with Enterprise CRMWhen it comes to convenience and flexibility, especially for a mobile sales force, it’s hard to beat web applications. And when it comes to web applications, it’s difficult to ignore Google App’s growing presence in the enterprise application space.

Google’s suite of web-based products allows for an unprecedented level of coordination and collaboration on a wide variety of projects, and is a natural fit for cloud-based CRM solutions. (more…)

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3 Examples Of Workflow In CRM

3 Examples Of Workflow In CRMYour enterprise CRM system has a lot of features designed to streamline your business processes — some of which you may not have explored yet. Workflow automation is one of the more popular features, as it eliminates the need to perform a lot of tasks manually. Within a simple user interface you can easily set up rules to automate many of your day-to-day tasks. (more…)

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6 Examples Of How To Use CRM Dashboards

6 Example Of How To Use CRM DashboardsOne of the most common requirements we hear about when speaking to businesses that are beginning, or in the midst of, a CRM evaluation is “dashboards”.

It’s not an unreasonable requirement by any stretch — all major enterprise CRM vendors offer dashboards of some type — but a dashboard in and of itself is not a true requirement. The real requirement is what kind of information a dashboard should display. (more…)

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Make CRM Your Company’s Skunkworks Project

Make CRM Your Company's Skunkworks ProjectDeploying CRM in a large business, or replacing a system that’s already embedded, can be a real challenge. It’s a worthwhile one, but sometimes the biggest hurdle is just getting the ball rolling.

When going through the traditional buying process, especially in large enterprise settings, CRM evaluation sometimes gets bogged down or halts altogether. (more…)

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