Handcrafted GoldMine to MS CRM Data Migration

Handcrafted CRM Data Migrations

At CRM Switch, we are experts at migrating data from GoldMine to MS CRM, including converting data to MS Dynamics CRM.

Migrating data can be a complex task. Our CRM data professionals will make your data conversion experience a lot smoother, so you can focus on your core business — rather than than having to worry about how to get your contact manager data into a CRM system.

Instead of relying on inflexible, automated data migration tools, we hand craft our data migrations so that we do not encounter any roadblocks that cannot be bypassed.

Supported Versions for GoldMine to MS CRM Conversion

Data conversion services are available from any of the following GoldMine versions into MS CRM:

View Supported Versions of GoldMine
  • GoldMine 4.x
  • GoldMine 5.x
  • GoldMine 6.x
  • GoldMine 7.x
  • GoldMine 8.x
  • GoldMine 9.x

GoldMine has a relatively flat database structure and part of a data migration includes normalizing certain data,
using the relational database capabilities of Microsoft CRM.

Customization for GoldMine to MS CRM Converts

CRM Switch also provides MS CRM customization and integration services. A CRM system such as Microsoft CRM needs to be customized in order to accommodate the import of legacy data. Contact us about GoldMine to MS CRM conversion.

Learn About Our Free GoldMine Database Analysis Tool

Our free analysis tool will help you with your GoldMine to Microsoft CRM migration planning. This video provides details about what information the tool will give you and your team.