Chatter vs. Yammer: Social Network Showdown

Chatter vs. Yammer: Social Network ShowdownThere was a time when social networks were viewed as idle diversions. They provided a place to chat with friends, reconnect with old classmates, and post pictures. Now, businesses have realized that there is a wealth of productivity to be leveraged using the social networking model. (more…)

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Salesforce1 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile App Comparison

Salesforce1 and Dynamics CRM Mobile App ComparisonWe’ve talked a lot about mobile CRM and its rapid rise in both popularity with users and the resulting focus vendors have been putting in to their mobile options over the last year or so.

With the release of Dynamics CRM 2013 last fall, Microsoft also finally released their own dedicated mobile app to go along with it. (more…)

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Infor Buys Saleslogix CRM

Infor Buys Saleslogix CRMOn Thursday, August 14th 2014, Swiftpage announced that the entirety of its Saleslogix CRM assets would be sold to Infor, a US-based enterprise software vendor. Saleslogix CRM will be renamed “Infor CRM”, and will continue to be developed under its new ownership. Infor has announced that they will retain 100 Swiftpage employees dedicated to Saleslogix development. (more…)

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CRM At The Point Of Sale

CRM At The Point Of SaleOften, CRM is discussed in the context of direct marketing, e-commerce, and B2B sales. In these situations, salespeople are generally at a desk or working from a mobile device with CRM data readily accessible. It’s natural to wonder how CRM can work for a retailer, when salespeople are working a sales floor and point of sale (POS) register. (more…)

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3 Steps To Ensure CRM Data Accuracy

3 Steps To Ensure CRM Data AccuracyTo be of any use to your business, CRM data must have two key qualities: accuracy and accessibility. Without both of these qualities, whatever data you’ve collected (or think you’ve collected) won’t be as useful as you would like it to be. If you’re unable to access the data, you can’t use it. If you can’t trust the data, you shouldn’t use it.

Making sure your CRM data is accurate and accessible requires some planning on your part. (more…)

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CRM and Customer Self Service

CRM And Customer Self ServiceCustomer self service (CSS) can be an important companion to a CRM system. CSS allows customers to perform many standard tasks, such as setting up accounts and paying bills, without the help of a CSR. This offers added convenience to customers, as they don’t have to wait for a CSR to help them, while also reducing customer service costs for the business. (more…)

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Pardot vs. HubSpot – A Marketer’s Experience

HubSpot vs Pardot - A Marketer's Experience

Marketing automation software has rapidly become the “other half” of many businesses’ core enterprise customer relationship management solutions, complimenting and integrating with CRM.

Unlike the market for enterprise CRM, in which there is a wide range of opinion about the perceived value of various enterprise solutions, the market for enterprise marketing automation software has a group of close competitors that each offer high quality products and all of which are well regarded within the enterprise community. (more…)

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CRM Across An Enterprise

CRM Across An EnterpriseWe spend a lot of time talking about CRM in relation to salespeople. As the front lines of customer interaction, it makes sense to focus on how CRM benefits the members of your sales team. However, the benefits of CRM extend far beyond the walls of the sales department. Looking at CRM as an enterprise-wide solution can help people understand its larger role.

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