CRM and Customer Self Service

CRM And Customer Self ServiceCustomer self service (CSS) can be an important companion to a CRM system. CSS allows customers to perform many standard tasks, such as setting up accounts and paying bills, without the help of a CSR. This offers added convenience to customers, as they don’t have to wait for a CSR to help them, while also reducing customer service costs for the business. (more…)

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Pardot vs. HubSpot – A Marketer’s Experience

HubSpot vs Pardot - A Marketer's Experience

Marketing automation software has rapidly become the “other half” of many businesses’ core enterprise customer relationship management solutions, complimenting and integrating with CRM.

Unlike the market for enterprise CRM, in which there is a wide range of opinion about the perceived value of various enterprise solutions, the market for enterprise marketing automation software has a group of close competitors that each offer high quality products and all of which are well regarded within the enterprise community. (more…)

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CRM Across An Enterprise

CRM Across An EnterpriseWe spend a lot of time talking about CRM in relation to salespeople. As the front lines of customer interaction, it makes sense to focus on how CRM benefits the members of your sales team. However, the benefits of CRM extend far beyond the walls of the sales department. Looking at CRM as an enterprise-wide solution can help people understand its larger role.

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Preparing for Your Next CRM System

Preparing For Your Next CRM SystemThere are a lot of reasons why your business may be considering switching to a new CRM system. No matter how good a particular CRM vendor is, their product will never be a perfect fit for every business. Making sure that your company has the best tools for servicing your clients may require a change in your CRM vendor.

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Using CRM And Understanding Why CRM Is Useful

Using CRM And Understanding Why CRM Is UsefulOk, so you’ve managed a successful CRM implementation, things are running smoothly, and you’re collecting a lot of new data. Thanks to a comprehensive CRM user training program, your employees understand that using CRM is to their advantage, it isn’t optional, and that any data not entered into the system “doesn’t really exist”.

So, all you have to do is sit back, and wait for the system to do its thing, right? (more…)

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Friendzoned: Misunderstanding the CRM Sales Relationship

Friendzoned: Misunderstanding the CRM Sales RelationshipIt’s not uncommon for CRM buyers to feel a sense of surprise when they discover the true nature of their relationship with a CRM vendor.

After a long period of courtship, followed by a quick marriage (the sale), they’re often surprised to find that the CRM vendor is no longer a major part of the relationship. (more…)

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Enterprise CRM Apps for iPad Users

Enterprise CRM Apps for iPad UsersAs one of the most popular tablet computers on the market, the iPad is now nearly as common in a business setting as office chairs and coffee mugs.

Salespeople love the mobility an iPad offers, while managers and support personnel love having as many people as possible on the same device. Homogeneity makes everything from security to CRM easier to manage. (more…)

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