3 Examples Of Workflow In CRM

3 Examples Of Workflow In CRMYour enterprise CRM system has a lot of features designed to streamline your business processes — some of which you may not have explored yet. Workflow automation is one of the more popular features, as it eliminates the need to perform a lot of tasks manually. Within a simple user interface you can easily set up rules to automate many of your day-to-day tasks. (more…)

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6 Examples Of How To Use CRM Dashboards

6 Example Of How To Use CRM DashboardsOne of the most common requirements we hear about when speaking to businesses that are beginning, or in the midst of, a CRM evaluation is “dashboards”.

It’s not an unreasonable requirement by any stretch — all major enterprise CRM vendors offer dashboards of some type — but a dashboard in and of itself is not a true requirement. The real requirement is what kind of information a dashboard should display. (more…)

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3 Great Ways For A Salesperson To Use CRM On Their Mobile Phone

3 Great Ways For A Salesperson To Use CRM On Their Mobile PhoneMobile devices are becoming ubiquitous across the sales landscape. As noted in a previous blog post, CRM vendors are betting big on an increasing demand for mobile access to CRM data.

To meet that demand, enterprise CRM vendors have responded to the growth of mobile computing by creating a host of applications for mobile devices.

However, according to our recent survey, fewer than a quarter of salespeople who can access CRM through a mobile device actually do. (more…)

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Why Two-Factor Authentication Is Important For CRM Security

Why Two-Factor Authentication Is Important For CRM SecurityAs cloud CRM becomes more popular and as businesses come to increasingly rely upon it to store vital company and customer information, the issue of security becomes more important.

Usernames and passwords have long been the preferred method of securing applications from unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication (TFA) expands on this method, and provides for exponentially stronger security (more…)

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The Evolution of Marketers’ Relationship to CRM

The Evolution of Marketers' Relationship to CRMFor many years, the CRM decision making process was driven by the needs of the sales and customer service departments and of management. At one point, the benefit of a CRM system to marketers was not very clear. Therefore, the marketing department had limited involvement in the CRM evaluation and selection process. (more…)

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Don’t Buy CRM Based On Buzzwords

Don't Buy CRM Based On BuzzwordsIt happens to the best of us. Though the CRM buying process is very different than buying consumer products, one of the common denominators is the tendency of both vendors and salespeople to pitch their products with buzzword-heavy lingo. When we, as buyers, get caught up in the pitch and start relying on fancy language and the occasional bit of sales hyperbole, it’s easy to get carried away and make a purchase that’s not entirely based on our needs. (more…)

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The 2014 CRM Vendor Landscape

The 2014 CRM Vendor LandscapeAs Q1 2014 draws to a close, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit our 2013 CRM Vendor Landscape blog post and update it for the new year.

While other software sales remained stagnant, sales of CRM solutions drove an overall increase in enterprise software spending through 2013. That trend is expected to continue, as more companies bring CRM solutions online, or add to existing solutions. (more…)

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How to Choose a CRM System

How to Choose a CRM SystemWith many people having gone through or currently going through process of choosing a new CRM system for their enterprise, a highly competitive CRM vendor environment has emerged over the last few years.

While healthy competition ultimately benefits all organizations, an abundance of marketing messages make it more difficult for those tasked with selecting the right CRM solution for their company to achieve the optimal outcome. (more…)

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