CRM Vendor Marketshare vs. Social Media Metrics

How Social Is Your CRM VendorFollowing our U.S. CRM Market Share 2013 survey and blog post, we started wondering what other comparisons could be made with the data we collected.

Given the constant media attention paid to social media, and its rising importance to CRM vendors, we decided to see how market share numbers stacked up to social media numbers. (more…)

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How Engaged Are Your CRM Leads?

Engaged CRM LeadWith the proliferation of contenting marketing as a key strategic component within B2B organizations for attracting site visitors and converting them to Leads, many more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are being added to CRM systems than ever before.

Unlike with traditional list imports, Leads generated through content marketing represent people who have expressed an interest in learning more about a topic that directly relates to a company’s product or service offering. (more…)

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Why CRM Should Be In Your Business’s 2014 Budget

Why CRM Should Be In Your Business's 2014 BudgetFor many businesses, the start of the new year in just a couple weeks will mean a brand new budget. Employees, managers, executives — everyone has a wish list of things they want in 2014. Budget meetings, while sometimes contentious, can also be like Christmas for the enterprise.

So what’s on your business’s wish list for next year? Is a new CRM system on it somewhere? If your organization doesn’t have a modern CRM solution currently in place, it should be. (more…)

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Tips From The Pros: 3 Helpful SlideShare Presentations From CRM Industry Vendors

Tips From The Pros: 3 Helpful SlidShare Presentations From CRM Industry VendorsWhile we continually strive to provide useful, engaging, and insightful information about CRM, sometimes it’s good to go straight to the source.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of three great SlideShare presentations from some of the top vendors in the CRM industry to provide some useful tips and best practices for your business. (more…)

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How Secure Is Cloud CRM Data?

How Secure Is Cloud CRM Data?The thought of storing thousands of pieces of customer data in the cloud can raise red flags for decision makers. With the frequent headlines about “hacking” and data breaches, they may wonder just how secure a cloud CRM solution can be.

With so much customer data at stake, it’s good to be concerned about CRM data security (more…)

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2013 CRM Industry Year In Review

2013 CRM Industry Year In ReviewLike any business software, CRM is an evolving, constantly changing product. The CRM industry provides a steady stream of updates, mergers, buyouts, sellouts, and more. While we try to keep you up to date on the latest news and trends coming out of the CRM industry, sometimes it pays to take a step back, and look at what’s come before.

As 2013 nears its end, it closes the curtain on an exciting year in the CRM industry. To remind us where we’ve been, and refocus on where we’re going, here’s a look back at some of the major developments out of the CRM industry over the past year. (more…)

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Why CRM Should Be More Googley

Why CRM Should Be More GoogleyAs a business technology, CRM is fantastic advancement in the world of process management and communications. However, looking at it through the prism of consumer technology there is a noticeable gap that exists between the two.

Looking specifically at the world of search and dynamic data retrieval, there are definitely some things that CRM could stand to gain by borrowing some of the features and functionality in today’s ultra-connected, instant information-and-gratification focused consumer applications (more…)

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Does Email Tracking Signal the End of the Cold Call Era?

Does Email Tracking Signal the End of the Cold Call Era?Sometimes the best indicators of where things are headed at the intersection of business and technology are our own evolving habits and processes as employees. As 2013 winds to a close, I’ve noticed a trend: the shrinking number of outbound phone calls in my CRM activity log from month to month.

It wasn’t too long ago–maybe even just a few years–that it was unthinkable that a professional salesperson could be effective at their job without constantly being on the phone (more…)

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CRM Solutions For Nonprofit Organizations

CRM Solutions For Nonprofit OrganizationsNonprofit organizations often have unique needs when it comes to implementing a CRM solution. While for-profit businesses are focused on engaging customers and convincing them to buy products or services, nonprofits have the task of trying to sell ideas. Whether it’s humanitarian, political, environmental, or anything in between, selling ideas is always a unique challenge (more…)

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Make CRM Your Company’s Skunkworks Project

Make CRM Your Company's Skunkworks ProjectDeploying CRM in a large business, or replacing a system that’s already embedded, can be a real challenge. It’s a worthwhile one, but sometimes the biggest hurdle is just getting the ball rolling.

When going through the traditional buying process, especially in large enterprise settings, CRM evaluation sometimes gets bogged down or halts altogether. (more…)

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