Marketing Automation And User Satisfaction

Marketing Automation And User SatisfactionEnterprise marketing automation software is becoming increasingly popular and for many has become a crucial component of their enterprise toolkit. With its ability to create, manage, and evaluate content delivery, a comprehensive marketing automation solution is becoming as crucial a business tool as CRM. (more…)

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10 Ways To Be Terrible At Sales

10 Ways To Be Terrible At SalesWhile CRM software is increasingly becoming a tool used by a wider variety of people in a business, it’s still most closely associated with being a tool for sales professionals. It provides good salespeople with the information and functionality they need to become great salespeople.

If there are problems with your sales methods, no software can make you an overnight success (more…)

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The Pros And Cons Of Open-Source CRM

The Pros And Cons Of Open-Source CRMOpen-source is a software development philosophy in which source code is made freely and openly available to the general public. Any interested party can download the code, modify it to their heart’s content, use it how they see fit and, if they wish, distribute their modified version for others to use. (more…)

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The Struggle Of Small Businesses With Sophisticated CRM Needs

The Struggle Of Small Businesses With Sophisticated CRM NeedsLast week I had a call with a gentleman who was having a problem that we encounter fairly regularly here: a small business with a small budget that needs enterprise-level CRM.

After speaking with him for about half an hour, I realized that it might be a good subject for discussion here in the hope that others with the same problem might find some guidance. (more…)

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CRM And Quickbooks Integration

CRM And QuickBooks IntegrationFor two decades, QuickBooks has been the dominant accounting software for small and mid-size businesses. Since it requires no formal accounting training to use, and offers numerous industry specific versions, its popularity is no surprise. Within the small business accounting market, QuickBooks captures nearly ninety percent. (more…)

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How CRM Can Help You Fight Zombies

How CRM Can Help You Fight ZombiesSuddenly, and without any prior warning, you’re under attack.

The assailant is a hulking decayed horror that has a singular focus: to devour you as quickly as possible and move on to the next victim. There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and you are all alone.

Faced with your final moments, you dig deep down inside yourself to find a way out of this horrible nightmare. (more…)

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How Does Facebook Fit In CRM?

How Does Facebook Fit In CRM?On the surface, Facebook & CRM are aimed at opposite groups: people connecting with friends vs. salespeople managing opportunities. However, CRM is built on the premise that the more data you have about your customers, the better your relationship management will be.

And when it comes to collecting data about people, Facebook is in a league of its own. (more…)

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